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Documented secure technologies
  • End-to-end verifiable encryption

  • Mathematically proven secure technologies

  • Open source technologies

  • Fully documented secure processes (ISAE3000) 

  • Research-based R&D in new e-voting technologies

  • Ongoing control by academia and auditing companies 

Assembly Voting in the world
  • First ever held electronic election in Denmark (2001)

  • Candidacy validations (since 2009)

  • Digital Annual General Meetings (since 2012)

  • Elections in UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Belgium and Holland

  • Full service, partner- and self service solutions

Assembly Voting holds elections for ministries, municipalities, associations, parties, local councils, utility providers, pension funds, housing companies, etc.

Northern Europe's most used democratic infrastructure for statutory and non-statutory elections.

Building on scientific research and fundamental democratic virtues, Assembly Voting provide secure and contemporary platforms promoting active citizenship and documented fair voting processes.




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Fully documented End-to-End verifiable system with the same high level of security in elections for associations as for parliaments.
User-friendly and reliable systems for onsite elections in annual general meetings (AGMs), general assemblies, conferences, etc.
Secure and user-friendly system for digital annual general meetings, council meetings, citizen proposals, hearings, etc.
Documented secure system for registration, validation and presentation of candidates and parties.
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Our solutions are available to all types of electoral customers.
Full Service

For organisations requiring the full range of services from Assembly Voting to carry out an election. Includes the handling of all relevant administrative processes in the preparation, execution and final vote counting phases. Examples include representative elections, union agreement voting or elderly citizens council elections held in municipalities.

For organizations in need of systems that make it easy and safe to register and present candidates and perform elections in membership based organisations. Systems can be tailored and configured to meet specific election rules. Operating them does not require any special IT skills. Examples include political membership based organisations, unions and housing associations.

Self Service

For organisations looking for a safe, documented and efficient digital infrastructure that allows them to help third party customers carry out elections in a given industry or specific geography. Assembly Voting has a partner program in place that provides systems access, local hosting and relevant training.

Partner Solution


Candidate Election
An upscale polling occasion
Senior Citizens of Copenhagen
Senior citizens give digital democracy the go-ahead
The Digital Vet
A change of election practices
Candidate System
Electronic voting, from start to finish
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Our clients are state and ministries

Assembly Voting

Assembly Voting was conceived in 2001 as an idealistic project in the service of democracy and an easily accessible service for our clients involved in executing elections, as well as the electorate.

These basic visions have defined Assembly Voting over the years and have been benchmarks of our ongoing development activities. One such benchmark is our partnership with leading international research institutions in e-voting, including DemTech at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Our portfolio has developed from a secure internet-based voting system with just a few functions to a range of products that cover the entire democratic process in voting that complies with legal provisions or articles of association.

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