Assembly Candidacy

Assembly Candidacy provides a secure and user-friendly solution for the entire candidate nomination process. The system registers candidates, validates candidate nominations and presents the nominated candidates for the voters. Assembly Candidacy reduces the administrative burden of the candidacy nomination process as well as ensuring a secure and documented nomination process that comply with statutory or non-statutory requirements.


Cost saving, efficient and fully documented candidate nomination processes based on everyday technologies. Assembly Candidacy is a transparent, secure and a simple, accessible solution to conduct a candidate nomination process.


Assembly Candidacy is designed to fully comply with the data protection requirements for registered candidates, nominees, and others engaged in the candidate nomination process. (e.g. GDPR). The system is hosted in a military class hosting environment.


Assembly Voting Candidacy has registered, validated and presented more than 25,000 candidates in statutory elections. The system is fully documented and under continuous control of independent audit organisations.

Flexible and easily accessible candidate nomination system

Assembly Candidacy is very easy to use for candidates, nominees and administrators and at the same time ensures a complete documentation of the nomination process, e.g. registered nominees, candidacy status and final confirmation of candidacy.

Assembly Candidacy can be configured to comply with all common statutory or non-statutory requirements. Moreover, the front end of the system can be designed to mirror the brand-ID of the election customer.

  • Configuration. The system is configured to comply with the statutory or non-statutory requirements for a candidacy nomination. The system validates, according to selected validation parameters, e.g. member status, district, number of nominees. The system supports use of digital signature

  • Candidate admin. page. Each potential candidate creates a personal login page to administer their nomination process. On this page you will find status in nomination process, e.g. “Approved” / “Not approved”, “Required number of validated nominees” / “Current number of validated nominees”. Furthermore, the page provides the possibility to complete mandatory and voluntary candidate texts, upload an image, video, SoMe links, etc.

  • Deadline timer. Assembly Candidacy contains extensive time functions to ensure, that all deadlines are met; deadline for the registration of candidacy/nominees, deadline for publishing validated candidates and the deadline for editing candidate texts. Candidates and system administrators are continuously notified according to upcoming and passed deadlines.

  • Election site. In many cases, the candidacy system is used as the “main election site”, containing all relevant information regarding the election, incl. link to the election system, results, etc. Assembly Candidacy contains a CMS system in which it is possible to select and configure various functions and static pages in order to improve the candidate and voter experience.

  • Privacy policy. Assembly Candidacy is designed to protect personally sensitive data throughout the nomination process; from registration of nomination data and system storage to irreversible destruction of personally sensitive data. Data is solely used for the validation of the candidate and is not distributed in any form to third parties. Hence, Assembly Voting Candidacy complies with GDPR

  • Accessibility. Assembly Candidacy is accessible and easy to use for all electoral groups, electoral boards, observers and auditing organisations. For groups without the possibility or desire to go online, the system can be configured to include a traditional paper-based nomination process

Application, servers, hosting and data procedures are continuously audited by independent auditing companies and institutions.

End-to-End solution

Assembly Voting Candidacy is a comprehensive solution that ensures documented compliance with all nomination requirements.


For each candidate system, Assembly Voting prepares a detailed specification of the configuration and timeline for each phase; pre-nomination, nomination and post-nomination. Assembly Voting configures all selected functions, pages and services in the candidate system, e.g. validation data, timer functions, candidate information and static pages. An imperative test of the full configured system is conducted prior to opening a candidate system.


Types of nomination processes

  • Individuel nomination

  • Nomination of lists or parties

  • Nomination in regions and districts

Validation of candidates

Flexible validation parameters, e.g;

  • Digital signature

  • Candidate PIN combined with ID

  • Region- and district restriction

  • Number of nominees


  • PCs and computers

  • Tablet computers

  • Smart phones

  • Paper voting (Hybrid nomination process)

Functions and services

  • More than 300 different settings 

  • Editing rules; number of keystrokes, closing time

  • Timer function for publishing candidate profiles

  • CMS for static pages and extra services, e.g. “find your candidate”

  • Invite potential nominees

  • Registration and validation of nominees

  • Image upload and video presentations

  • Share candidate profile on social media

Hotline service

  • Phone and e-mail (8am to 8pm)

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