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The platform to run proven secure online general meetings

Whether you are a company, professional association or an NGO, Assembly Conference Voting is the most intuitively user-friendly and proven secure end-to-end solution to help you organize digital or hybrid annual general meetings and perform statutory or non-statutory voting.

Why Assembly Conference Voting?


Best-in-class security,

encryption and fully documented 


Authentication factors ensure only valid participants enter your meeting. Once inside, all communication is encrypted and participants can engage and cast their votes safely. Everything is documented creating the ability to verify the entire election process from end-to-end.


Save time and cut costs. Broaden your reach and boost engagement

Digital general meetings are COVID-19 free, save travel time and eliminate the cost of physical venues. They also widen reach because meetings can be joined from anywhere on any device. And virtual doesn’t mean people can’t engage. In fact, it opens lots of options for lively dialogue.


Flexible to configure. User-friendly for participants

Set-up a fully virtual or partially virtual general meeting. Our solution is easy to set-up and handles everything from system configuration and participant invitation to practical operation and documentation. Whether participants are in the same room or sitting apart, they can see what is presented, ask questions and vote.

How it works

Key features

Assembly Conference Voting is a secure all-in one solution with flexible system setup, access code protected participant invitation and the ability to do ad hoc changes in presentations and carry out polls during the meeting. Voting results are automatically generated and end-to-end documentation is provided.


The solution is designed to present agenda items and voting on a big screen at a physical meeting as well as the participants’ local devices.  Polls activated by the chairman appear as a digital ballot on participant devices and a dialogue function makes it easy to engage. Video streaming can also be integrated in the system.

Participation media

  • Pc and computers

  • Tablets

  • Smartphone

Types of elections

  • Candidate elections

  • Candidate- and list elections

  • Referendums

  • Regional and constituency voting

Participant communication

  • Campaign module

  • Amendments

  • Candidate registration

  • Debate

Voting principles

  • Required number of votes

  • Maximum number of votes

  • Weighted voting

  • Vote overwriting

  • Ranking

  • Split votes

Tried and tested solution with market leading security

Next-level security, encrypted communications and step-by-step audit trails to prove the integrity of your general meeting voting processes is a key part of the solution we deliver. In fact, our experience and technology leadership in this field builds on more than 20 years of experience and 6000 held statutory and non-statutory elections. 


Want to learn more about the options we offer ?

Are you planning an upcoming event? Assembly Conference Voting can be acquired for single events either as a self-service or fully supported solution. It is also available on a subscription base which is relevant if you plan to use it for multiple reoccurring events.

 Self Service 

for a single event

Organise your meeting and facilitate your democratic processes in-house. System administration is done internally, but the solution still maintains voter anonymity and conducts secure and valid elections. 

Full Service

for a single event

We help you prepare, execute and document all aspects of your general meeting and election processes. Relevant if you need guidance, have specific requirements or simply don’t want to use administrative internal resources. 

Enterprise Solution

for multiple events

The right option if you need to organize multiple general meetings or reoccurring events and want to organize them in-house. Provides access to our SaaS solution that is continuously optimized and expanded with new functionality. 

Why we obsess about security and audit trail documentation 

Compromising security or the integrity of the voting during a general meeting can translate into issues that damage your credibility or reputation with potentially serious financial or legal consequences. Our solution is market leading in minimizing this risk by meticulous validation of participants and ensuring superior integrity and anonymity in the voting process. All actions are logged to verify, track and provide documentation.

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