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Live voting. Assembly Conference Voting is the solution for conducting online statutory and non- statutory elections at AGMs (Annual General Meetings), EGMs (Extraordinary General Meetings) and SGMs (Special General Meetings). Whether the participants are in the same room or whether they are sitting apart, they can all see what the conductor presents, register eg. amendments and questions as well as cast their votes in the ongoing elections. All in a proven secure and user-friendly system for both the meeting managers and the participants. 


An easily accessible, efficient and flexible solution for conducting elections in all types of assemblies. Complete setup which can include physical present and remote situated participants


The system is based on encrypted communication and ensures complete separation of Voter ID and votes when generating results. Assembly Conference Voting is hosted in a proven secure hosting facility.


The system is based on security protocols documented in the Assembly Votes system. Assembly Conference Voting is fully documented and subject to continuous audit control by independent organizations, associations, companies, etc.

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Flexible and easy to use election conference election system

Assembly Conference Voting supports all common types of elections in statutory and non-statutory assemblies.The system is very easy to use for the meeting chairman as well as for the participants. Assembly Conference Voting provides a fast, safe and fully documented election result.


Assembly Conference Voting includes:

  • Flexible setup of meeting materials, eg. agenda and polls. Materials and polls can be set up prior to the meeting and/or created during the, for example in case of amendments.

  • Validated participant access. Prior to the meeting, attendees receive an election code-protected link to access Assembly Conference Voting. Only validated participants can attend the meeting and vote in the system.

  • Easily operated user interface. The meeting chairman selects from Assembly Conference Voting which materials and polls should be displayed on the participants' local devices. When initiating a poll, for example, a digital ballot will automatically appear on the participants' device.

  • Two-way communication. The system contains a dialogue function for validated participants to register eg. amendments, comments and questions. These registrations will be available for the meeting chairman to include in the process.

  • Quick election results. The election result is calculated immediately after closing for a vote and can be presented to the assembly in an integrated result presentation module as well as on the participants' local device.

  • Anonymous or non-anonymous voting. The system can be set up, so the electoral process is either anonymous or open. Open elections are sometimes required in delegated assemblies.​

  • Election documentation. A log of the system activities is automatically generated.

Assembly Conference Voting is continuously audited by international auditing companies.

A complete solution

Assembly Conference Voting comes as a complete solution with setup of conference system, invitation to participants with access code, ad hoc changes in material presentation and polls during the meeting, as well as automatic generated results and documentation after each poll.


The solution is designed to present agenda items, voting themes, etc. on a big screen at a physical meeting as well as on the participants’ local devices. Polls activated by the meeting chairman will appear immediately as a the digital ballot on the participants' local devices. Moreover, the dialogue function will appear on the participants devices and are easily operated by the participants and the meeting chairman who receives the registrations.


Assembly Conference Voting can be acquired as a self-service solution or as an assisted service with an election consultant from Assembly Voting.



Assembly Conference Voting conducts the Energy Company SydEnergi’s (SE) annual Board of Representative Meetings. The Board of Representatives is the supreme decision-making authority in SE, and therefore has a major influence on the company's development.


Prior to the meetings an Assembly Voting technical assistant has prepared early announced elections and during the meeting the assistant sets up ad hoc elections, e.g. in case of amendments.


Assembly Conference Voting is used in several major energy companies, pension funds, NGOs, parties, etc.


The pension fund JØP’s AGM is conducted with use of Assembly Conference Voting. Prior to the physical meeting, members can register to the General Assembly via our delegate validation system. Hence, the system registers delegation and validation of proxies to one of the other validated participants in the assembly.


The voting devices are preprogrammed prior to the meeting so that they accurately have the correct voting weight for each participant. Hence, it is possible to generate an aggregated valid result immediately after an election is closed.


Types of elections

  • Candidate elections

  • Candidate and list elections

  • Referendums

  • Regional and constituency voting

  • Simultaneous ballots

Voting principles

  • Required number of votes

  • Maximum number of votes

  • Weighted voting

  • Vote overwriting

  • Ranking

  • Split votes

Pre-meeting services

  • Registration and validation of participation in the assembly

  • Registration, validation and presentation of candidates

  • Delegation and validation of proxies

Voting media

  • Pc and computers

  • Tablets

  • Smartphone

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