Assembly Meeting


A cost saving, efficient and an easy, accessible system to conduct AGMs for associations and the like. Based on everyday technologies Assembly Meetings has proven to strengthen participation in many different types of AGMs.


A proven secure system based on the validation of participants, anonymous voting and GDPR compliant anonymization of all, posts compliant when archiving an AGM.


A documented and transparent system operated by local administrators. The system is continuously audited by independent audit companies.

Flexible self-service solution for AGMs

Assembly Meeting is a complete self-service solution which conducts and documents AGMs. The system is as easy to set up for administrators as it is for the validated participants to make a proposal, register as a candidate, cast a vote, etc. It is designed to provide a secure and an easy, accessible user-interface for all engaged in conducting an AGM. Even though it may only be in use annually.


Assembly Meeting can be configured to comply with a range of non-statutory requirements.

  • Configuration. The system is configured to comply with non-statutory requirements for the particular AGM. All functions are visible to the administrator and are individually activated by a “click”. Timer functions are available on all relevant functions. Administrators have access to manuals and hotline support.

  • Validation. Only validated participants can access the online AGM. Validation parameters can be digital signature, cell phone numbers or emails.

  • User profiles. The validated participant creates a user profile (combined email and password) to access the online AGM. Posts and candidacy registration from a user profile will be visible to other validated participants when logged into the online AGM.

  • Anonymity. The system provides anonymity during the voting process, and results are presented in an aggregated and anonymous format.

  • Accessibility. Assembly Meetings is accessible and very easy to use for administrators, electoral groups and auditing organisations. For groups without the ability or desire to go online, the system can be configured to include a traditional physical meeting as well as paper-based participation in the AGM, e.g. proposal, registration of candidacy and paper ballots.

  • Archiving. Each AGM is archived chronologically by the system in order to document the meeting. When archiving an AGM all individual posts are anonymized to comply with GDPR.

Application, server, hosting and data management are continuously audited by independent auditing companies.

Secure and very user-friendly

Assembly Meeting is designed to strengthen democratic participation in associations. Our point of departure has been to develop a secure and very user-friendly system, that makes it easy for non-technical administrators and participants to conduct an AGM according to non-statutory requirements.


At the same time, the system delivers a complete documentation of the entire AGM process for independent auditing.


AGM in Boldklubben Skjold

“Boldklubben Skjold” has the largest number of members in any Danish football club. Since 2016, Boldklubben Skjold has been working hard to digitize AGMs to increase the democratic participation in their association.


Club Skjold use Assembly Meetings, and has achieved a significant progress in the number of candidates, proposals and voting percentages.

adminstrator of local housing assiciations

Fsb conducted the first digital AGMs in the housing association sector in Denmark with Assembly Meetings.


The first digital AGMs were held with a dispensation from the resort Ministry, as the legislation at that time allowed only physical and paper-based AGMs.


A significant increase in participation in all parts of the AGM led to an amendment of the legislation, which now allow local housing associations to use digital AGMs.


Assembly Meetings are still being used for all digital AGMs in fsb, as well as in many other housing associations in Denmark


Validation of participants

  • Digital signature

  • Cell phone

  • E-mail

Voting media

  • PCs and computers

  • Tablet computers

  • Smart phones

  • Paper voting (Hybrid nomination process)

Hotline service

  • Phone and e-mail (8am to 8pm)

Functions and services

  • User profiles; Participant, Administrator, Board and Moderator

  • Proposals and amendment to proposals

  • Comments and ”likes”

  • Registration of candidates

  • Presentation of candidates

  • Voting, incl. Use of paper ballots

  • Timer on all relevant functions

  • Activity notifications

  • Achieve of AGMs

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