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Assembly Voting X

End-to-End verifiable online election system built on prominent, scientifically reviewed crypto algorithms providing full documentation, transparency and auditability before, during and after the election process. Suitable for conducting secure and trustworthy national, local and private elections.

Why Assembly Voting X?



Integrity and full auditability are imperative in an election process. Assembly Voting X ensures integrity and auditability by individual and universal verification measures for voters, independent 
auditors/ observers and academia.



The system is built to secure voter privacy by design. An End-to-End encryption scheme and a verifiable mixing process ensures voter privacy throughout the election process.



All system components are built on mathematically proven algorithms and technologies as well as on open source software. Hence, the election system is fully documented and continuously reviewed by academia and independent auditing institutions.


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Key features

Assembly Voting X is designed to conduct trustworthy elections by providing a fully documented, secure and verifiable End-to-End solution without compromising the simple, accessible user interfaces for administrators, voters, trustees, observers and others engaged in the election process.

In fact, to achieve a fully verifiable solution, it is imperative to provide services which are user-friendly and easy to access for everyone involved in order to ensure a true End-to-End verifiable election.

Participation Media

  • Pc and computers

  • Tablets

  • Smartphone

  • Paper voting (for hybrid voting)

Voting Access

  • Digital signatures

  • Voter PIN combined with user ID

  • Voter PIN

Hotline service

  • Phone and e-mail

Types of Elections

  • Candidate elections

  • Candidate- and list elections

  • Referendums

  • Regional and constituency voting

  • Simultaneous ballots

Voting Principles

  • Required number of votes

  • Maximum number of votes

  • Weighted voting

  • Vote overwriting

  • Ranking

  • Write-in votes


City of Copenhagen


Assembly Voting X is used every fourth year, when the City of Copenhagen holds Senior Citizens' Council elections. With more than 90.000 eligible citizens, this election is Denmark's biggest digital municipal election. 

Assembly Voting X is delivered as a full-service solution 

We deliver Assembly Voting X as a full-service solution, which means we take responsibility for preparing, executing and providing documentation for all relevant aspects of your election. This helps you conduct your election safely and efficiently without wasting valuable administrative resources.

Assembly Voting X Technologies

◦  Elliptic curve cryptography -- secp256k1 curve

◦  Threshold cryptography based on ElGamal cryptosystem

◦  Schnorr digital signatures

◦  Discrete logarithm zero-knowledge proof

◦  Furukawa mixing proof

◦  SHA256 hash function

Business Team
Partner Solution

For organisations looking for a secure, documented and efficient digital infrastructure that allows them to help third party customers carry out elections in a given industry or specific geography. Assembly Voting has a partner program in place that provides systems access, local hosting and relevant training.