Participating Citizens: Cities for and with people

The Danish Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs is hosting a conference on how the optimal decision processes can ensure better and longer lasting solutions for people in cities. Experience show that there is great value in involving citizens in the early stages of projects where ideas are generated and also in the execution of the new ideas. Involving Citizens creates better solutions and the conference is specifically focusing on citizen's active participation at different levels of decision making when working with city development. How the process is planned and executed is of course crucial. Assembly Voting has for several years worked with solutions for involvement of local ci

“Democracy” – the best idea in the world

The votes are in. Readers of the Danish Newspaper JP has elected “Democracy” to be the best idea in the world. Even above ideas like “freedom” and “love”. In Assembly Voting we work to improve and redesign the framework of democracy and we couldn’t agree more with the readers. Democracy is a fantastic and valuable idea, and even though - as most people know – democracy has its challenges, only a very few people want to be without. The very thing that democracy is constantly being challenged and must adjust to, for example new life styles, economic fluctuations, world orders etc. might be the reason for the viability of democracy. An inclusive and rooted democracy is a living and present demo


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