Complete solution

Security from start to finish

Assembly Voting provides a detailed and well-planned solution from start to finish. All the elements of the voting process are prepared and thoroughly tested before voting takes place. Often, this involves an external auditing company.

In general, all Assembly Voting products feature a 4-phase process with precisely defined tasks and activities and the ability for internal and external auditors to observe at all levels.

Voting specifications


Voting process

Voting result


Generation of voting specifications based on current voting regulations. Set-up of the voting system and procedures in accordance with the specifications.


Testing to verify whether the voting system and procedures are in accordance with the specifications. Participation of clients responsible for a ballot and/or external auditors. The voting process can begin only after testing approval.


Execution of the voting process in accordance with the requirements of the specifications.


Counting, validation and documentation of voting result. Transfer of voting results and documentation to election client/external auditor.

Check list

  • Voting rules

  • Validity principles

  • Text and graphics

  • Voter data

  • Voting materials

  • Distribution of ballot papers

  • Possible printing of ballot material

  • Possible training of election officers

Check list

  • Login procedure

  • Voter access

  • Candidate list, where appropriate

  • Vote casting

  • Vote counting

  • Technical development

  • Voting documentation

Check list

  • Distribution of ballot papers

  • Opening of the voting system

  • Opening of support hotline

  • Opening of voting service; e.g., ballot paper lost, additional voters

  • 24/7-system monitoring

  • Computation of turnout

Check list

  • Result calculations

  • Result validation and possible double-checking where hybrid voting processes are concerned

  • Log of system activity in the voting system and of personal messages on the subject of the voting – for collation in election book


Internal audit of voting specifications and system set-up

External audit of voting specifications, hosting environment, code review, etc.


Internal audit of system performance

External audit of log books from test participants, voting documentation and system performance


Ongoing internal audit of system performance, log of system activity and voter messages via hotline service

Ongoing external revision of system performance via access to systemlog 


Internal audit via result validation and election book

External audit of the full documentation of the voting process in the election book; counting and result validation, system activity and messages