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Assembly Voting Full Service empowers an organization to hold fully documented, safe and user-friendly democratic elections. Assembly Voting handles all relevant administrative tasks and ensures compliance when elections are subject to legal requirements and statutory rules.

Assembly Voting Full Service is an end-to-end solution where Assembly Voting takes responsibility for preparing, executing and providing documentation for all relevant aspects of an election. The solution is relevant for customers, who need to carry out a given election safely and efficiently without wasting valuable administrative resources. Examples include the registration, validation and presentation of candidates in a representative election or handling the voting process for a specific agreement in a labor union. The election of candidates for an elderly citizen council in a municipality is another example.

As part of Assembly Voting Full Service, we provide customers a tailor made solution working our way through the phased structure outlined below: 

  1. Election specification. Configuration and design of systems, election materials etc., according to relevant statutory and legal requirements.

  2. Testing. Completion of process, election material and systems testing. Optionally done in collaboration with third a party auditor (e.g. an accounting firm).

  3. Implementation. System operation, distribution of voter access details, hotline support etc.

  4. Documentation. Summary of election result and creation of an election report including validation information documentation on the execution of the election. 

Based on our long track record of practical election experience and our wide range of products of services we can tailormake the best possible solution for our customers considering the specific election they need to hold. 

Facts about Full Service

Complete solution tailored to meet the specific needs of a given election including compliance with relevant legal and statutory rules, the availability of voters and the inclusion of a third party auditor.

Assembly Voting provides its Full Service solution to all large municipalities in Denmark as well as a number of large unions, pension funds and energy companies in Denmark.

  • Technical design

  • Election organization

  • Provision of election cards – digital or postal

  • Test

  • Hosting of the election system

  • Encryption

  • Hotline service from 08.00-20.00 (phone and mail)

  • Server monitoring

  • Summary of voter turnout, election result and validation

  • Election documentation book

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