The History

Assembly Voting was conceived in 2001 as an idealistic project in the service of democracy and an easily accessible service for our clients involved in executing elections, as well as the electorate.


These basic visions have defined Assembly Voting over the years and have been benchmarks of our ongoing development activities. One such benchmark is our partnership with leading international research institutions in e-voting, including DemTech at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Our portfolio has developed from a secure internet-based voting system with just a few functions to a range of products that cover the entire democratic process in voting that complies with legal provisions or articles of association.

More recently, we have focused on the periods between elections and on the opportunities for engaging citizens, users and members more actively. One of the results is the national social media for active citizenship, This is a platform on which municipalities, associations and enterprises, together with citizens, can identify and implement solutions to societal challenges both large and small.

Overall, Assembly Voting offers a comprehensive democratic framework that is still developing and expanding in line with new requirements and possibilities in the digital world.

Product History

  • Voting system (2001)

  • Voting system with double encryption (2007)

  • Turnout election system, version 1 (2009)

  • Internet-based electoral register system (2009)

  • Meeting system (2010)

  • Turnout election, version 2 (2011)

  • Candidate system (2012)

  • Meeting system with sharing function (2013)

  • Voting system with voter verification (2014)

  • Candidate system with automatic validation (2014)

  • Conference voting system (2014)

  • Self service version of voting system (2015)

  • Support system for anonymous distribution of voting codes (2015)

  • TR-system (2016)

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Contact info

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