The History

Assembly Voting is the most widely used provider of digital election solutions for statutory and non-statutory elections in Northern Europe. From the beginning in 2001, Assembly Voting was intended as an idealistic project in the service of democracy with a focus on developing updated democratic electoral systems without compromising democracy's basic principles of secrecy, anonymity, transparency, verification of results, etc. 


These basic visions have defined Assembly Voting over the years and have been benchmarks of all our ongoing development activities. One such benchmark is our partnership with leading international research institutions in e-voting.

We are particularly concerned with being able to prove and document the entire election process from start to finish, and work with advanced encryption technologies and documentation processes to be able to ensure End-to-End verifiable election acts. In our view, no election is too small or too insignificant to be solved with a proven secure election system. 

Over the years, our product portfolio has evolved from primarily containing secure internet-based election systems with few functions, to a wide range of new democracy products that cover all types of legal and statutory requirements for election acts.

In particular, our collaboration with foreign partners who use Assembly Voting for local statutory and non-statutory elections has contributed to the development of new systems and functions. Among other things, we have developed our candidate selection systems so that they can be set up for new registration and validation parameters adapted to local conditions.

Overall, Assembly Voting constitutes a comprehensive democratic framework that is constantly developing and expanding in line with new requirements and possibilities in the digital world.

Product History

















Assembly Voting 1.0

Assembly Voting 2.0

Assembly Turnout 1.0

Assembly Voter List 2.0

Assembly Meetings 1.0

Assembly Turnout 2.0

Assembly Candidacy 1.0

Assembly Meetings 2.0

Assembly Candidacy 2.0

Assembly Votes 1.0

Assembly Conference 

Assembly Self Service 1.0

Assembly Support

Assembly Voting X 1.0

Assembly Self Service 2.0

Assembly Conference Voting 1.0

online election system

online election system w. double encryption

election system for attendance

online electoral roll system

online meeting system

election system for attendance

online candidate registration system

online meeting system

online candidate registration system

online election system w. asymmetrical encryption

radio-controlled election system for physical meetings

self-service online election system

system for anonymous distribution of election codes

End-to-End verifiable online election system

self-service online election system

online system for general meetings