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Partner Solution

Partner solution provides access to configure and resell Assembly Votings election solutions to customers in associations, municipalities and private companies. Developing and maintaining a digital democratic infrastructure is both costly and time consuming. As a partner you can focus on customer needs instead of the technicalities of running systems and developing products.

The Partner solution from Assembly Voting represents a comprehensive digital democratic infrastructure for companies focused on delivering consulting services and end-to-end election solutions to third party customers. In addition to providing access to Assembly Votings systems, we deliver supporting materials and advice on marketing activities. We are also flexible in terms of adapting technical solutions to cater for local market demands. Digital signatures, specific voting techniques or API-solutions for example.

As part of setting up an Assembly Voting Partner solution, we normally take a partner through the steps outlined below:

  1. Agreement. Review and selection of systems, practical operation, required system demands and documentation. SLA and definition of geographical scope etc.

  2. System adjustment. Configuration of systems to suit systems demands.

  3. Test. Testing of system operation including how they are operated in collaboration with partner. Testing repeated if necessary.

  4. Training. Partner system administrators receive training. Marketing materials and advice on how to support sales are provided by Assembly Voting.

  5. OperationHosting, ongoing administrative support and system updates. Continuous dialogue regarding functionality and systems development and marketing activities.


Assembly Votings Partner solution is delivered as a SAAS (software as a service) solution, but can also be hosted locally. Systems are optimized and developed on an ongoing basis. Functionality that is added is made available to partners along with full documentation. 

Facts about Partner Solution

A Partner solution from Assembly Voting makes it possible to tap into the commercial potential of the company’s range of election products and use it to target a specific sector or geography.

Assembly Voting has Partner solution agreements in place with companies such as UK Engage and Strålfors in Finland. 

Assembly Voting provides:

  • Election system, candidate system, meeting module, phoner module and/or election list system

  • Locally hosted or alternatively an Assembly Voting solution

  • 24/7 technical hotline

  • 08.00-17.00 support

  • Continuous system updates to improve security, add new functionality or optimize existing features.