Danish Record: 96 candidates ran for a seat in the Integration Council

The election for the Integration Council in the Municipality of Frederiksberg has an exceptionally high amount of candidates. More than a hundred people announced their candidacy and 96 valid candidates ended on the ballot.

The Municipality of Frederiksberg and the current Integration Council are very pleased with the great interest and support for the council. The mayor of Frederiksberg Municipality, Jørgen Glenthøj (the Danish Conservative Party), expresses his satisfaction with the great number of candidates for the Council as follows:

“I think it is outstanding, that so many of our citizens, also in this circumstance, are willing to make an extra effort for the community and democracy in our city.”

Assembly Voting has provided the candidate module for the Integration Council election in Frederiksberg. The module handles the initial registration and validation of the candidates and after that the recommender management for the candidates. Additionally the candidate module works as a presentation of the candidates for the many voters, whilst the election is going on.

Furthermore Assembly Voting provides the hybrid voting solution, in which the voters get to decide, whether they want to vote electronic or via a postal ballot.

We are looking forward to an exiting election.

The election will close on the 7th of April 2014 at 5pm

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