Assembly Voting Reaches 10 Million Voters

Assembly Voting has passed a milestone on account of this spring’s many trade unions elections on labour agreements: 10 million voters have now passed through our electoral systems.

In recent years the number of electronic voters has increased considerably. There was more than 2 million voters through the electoral system in 2013 alone. The electronic voters are amongst others casting their vote to decide on their labour agreements, to elect their representatives in various professional organizations, in Senior Citizen and Integration Council elections in municipalities and in consumer representative elections in energy and utility companies.

A longside the growth in digital voters still more municipalities and organizations chose to use electronic solutions for the registration and validation of candidates. This entailes that candidates (and recommenders) register their information through candidate modules to obtain the candidature for local positions of trust. In 2013 we registered and validated more than 5.000 candidates for amongst others Senior Citizen Councils, Representatives elections in organizatons and consumer representative elections.

There is not doubt that e-voting, has become an integral part of the democratic culture in Denmark.

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