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Dream City is alive! The user driven area at Roskilde Festival is called “Dream City” and it’s a place where only the imagination limits activities, events and buildings. Aion has developed the Dream City website where the co-creation begins.

You can visit Dream City at Roskilde Festival's website.

As a festival guest you can visit Dream City during the festival period. Here the up to 5000 dream city participants will show how a user driven city can function with e.g. alternative versions of post offices, libraries and medical centres.

For the fourth year in concession Aion have developed the Dream City website that coordinate efforts and creates an overview of the many projects in Dream City. Roskilde Festival is a unique event, where the guest’s engagement and activities constitute the festival.

Here at Aion we are very enthusiastic of the user driven engagement that unfolds at Roskilde Festival. Every year we learn more and more on user driven innovation and engagement that we can use in different contexts.

Have a nice Roskilde Festival.

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