The Digital Revolution in Housing Associations

For many years, "business as usual" has been the way to conduct formal meetings and elections in the housing sector. During this period of time, there has been a significant decrease in democratic participation in the sector. This applies both to the number of resident proposals, attendance at meetings and residents who wish to stand as committee members in local housing departments.

In cooperation with different housing associations, Assembly Voting has conducted the first trials with digital democracy in housing departments. Experiences show that there is great potential in challenging the "usual" with solutions that expands the possibilities for residents to participate in local democracy. In fact, both the number of resident proposals and turnout has increased, when the physical department meetings is complimented with digital solutions to organize meetings and voting.

In this autumn, further trials with digital democracy in the housing sector is executed with dispensation from the Ministry of Cities, Housing and Rural Areas, which have the electoral law in the public sector under its jurisdiction.

There is great interest from the housing associations to go from trials to bigger rollouts. In the housing sector there is recognition of the need to modernise the way democracy is conducted in order to boost participation amongst residents and this in a manor, that doesn’t compromise fundamental democratic principles.

In the following months, Assembly Voting will be travelling around the country with presentations and demonstrations of the experiences and results that has already been gained in working to modernise and transform digital democracy in the Danish housing sector.

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