Participating Citizens: Cities for and with people

The Danish Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs is hosting a conference on how the optimal decision processes can ensure better and longer lasting solutions for people in cities.

Experience show that there is great value in involving citizens in the early stages of projects where ideas are generated and also in the execution of the new ideas. Involving Citizens creates better solutions and the conference is specifically focusing on citizen's active participation at different levels of decision making when working with city development.

How the process is planned and executed is of course crucial. Assembly Voting has for several years worked with solutions for involvement of local citizens and residents. Our experience support the overall positive experience with involving citizens and residents in local decisions.

In the coming months, Assembly Voting will launch several new updates to our digital solutions for Citizen Involvement. It will be functions that support opportunities for people to work together on local projects, and features that make it possible to share time and things with each other in local areas. The future is already here.

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