Happy New Year!

It is with great expectations that we welcome 2015. We have continuously worked to promote democratic participation and active citizenship with contemporary digital solutions. During the past several months we have been engaged in developing new technologies for this purpose and we are keen to show the results during spring. Below is a selection of the most important new technologies and activities for 2015.

New digital voting system

The next generation of digital voting systems will be launched in March. In terms of security, new system architecture and new encryption technologies are introduced to increase the already high security voting process. From a user perspective the usability will be improved to assist configuration of elections by local administrators as well as a user-friendly and unambiguous voting process for the voters. We are really looking forward to launch the date of our new digital voting system.

Neighbour Sharing

How do you create a high level of commitment and community feeling in a housing association? In collaboration with BL (The Danish Social Housing Sector, bl.dk) Assembly Voting launches "Neighbour Sharing" where local residents can supply and demand thing and services from each other. It may be assisting local kids with homework, offering stacking chairs for parties, hanging up pictures for elderly people, etc. Only the imagination is the limitation with the new national Neighbour Sharing service in Denmark. The service is to be launched to 1 million residents in the social housing sector in April.

New countries

We established an office in Bakerstreet, London in 2014 and got the first international assignments. In 2015 Assembly Voting will expand marketing activities on new markets and we look forward to promote digital elections and active citizenship in UK, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands.

We look forward to an exciting year in the service of democracy, and wish all our customers and associated partners a Happy New Year!

Assembly Voting

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