Update of the local democracy

There is a wind of change many places in the Danish locally based democracy. We experience an increasing interest from municipalities wishing to ”be quick off the mark” within citizen and user involvement in the development of local solutions. Examples are ideas for development of a local area, development of new cultural activities or requests for solutions for specific, local problems. Input from active citizens is increasingly considered to be an important resource.

Besides digital solutions for qualified input from citizens, attention is paid to the role of the municipalities in promoting sharing economy and user driven activities in the local community. A better local resource sharing provides the individual citizen with more financial possibilities and at the same time contributes to the creation of strong local communities.

Citizenship 2.0

Assembly Voting has developed Citizenship 2.0 – a number of easy-to-use digital tools for the local democracy. With Citizenship 2.0 the municipality or representatives from the local community can quickly set up a solution to solve a specific locally based democratic task, e.g.:

Local innovation - proposals, co-creation and debate

Public hearings - formal citizen responses and debate with reference to local projects

General meetings - proposals, debate, nomination of candidates and votes

Community forum – sharing service, co-creation and planning modules for the users

Indicative ballots – ballots with NemID validation in delimited local area

Citizenship 2.0 is sold on a subscription basis, where you choose which functions should be active in each individual ”case”. The solutions are already used by a number of municipalities and organisations and are continuously checked by independent auditing companies.

Presentation of possibilities with Citizenship 2.0

Assembly Voting will be pleased to make a presentation without any obligation of the possibilities of Citizenship 2.0. Likewise, we are happy to discuss the perspectives for digital citizen and user involvement i municipalities and local communities.

You are welcome to contact us on phone +45 2684 6644 or write an email to info@aion.dk

All solutions in Citizenship 2.0 are developed by Assembly Voting.

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