One million voters: collective agreements in public sector

Currently, Danish labour unions and employers association are negotiating collective agreements for up to a million employees in Municipalities, in Regional governance and in the State. As always, it is difficult to predict exactly when a negotiation result is in place and ready to be subject for a vote among the union members.

Assembly Voting conducts the vast majority of all local referendums. These include some of the biggest Danish labour unions, e.g. 3F, FOA, Dansk Magisterforening and DSR. In recent weeks we have prepared and we are ready to push the “election button” as soon as the outcome of the negotiations are ready for a vote.

In 2014 the percentages of digital votes cast in the referendums for collective agreement on the private labour market passed 50% for the first time. Nearly half of the digital votes were cast with mobile devices. Later this spring we will know if the public employees likewise are using digital voting as their preferred voting media.

We will follow up on the experiences from this year’s referendums on collective agreements later this spring.

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