New electoral system: Assembly Voting Mixnet

Following many months of hard work, we can now proudly unveil the result of our efforts:

The next generation of electoral systems!

Our new electoral system, Assembly Voting Mixnet, is currently being prototype tested and will be available for our clients from the beginning of 2016.

Assembly Voting Mixnet is based on leading international research within e-electoral technology and is among the very first electoral systems worldwide using Mixnet encryption. Binding ballots using Mixnet have been held in Victoria, Australia and several other countries are in the process of introducing corresponding binding trials with e-election. Assembly Voting Mixnet is aimed at this dawning electoral market, among others.

Assembly Voting Mixnet is competitive with the best electoral systems in the world and will provide us with the opportunity to enter further into the international markets for electoral services.

Danish e-elections

Assembly Voting Mixnet will also boost the local Danish democracy in municipalities and associations by raising the bar for the technical requirements for a trustworthy digital electoral system.

We have solved more than 700 electoral assignments for the largest Danish associations and municipalities with a strong democratic culture. With Assembly Voting Mixnet we contribute to maintenance of the high level of voters’ trust by ensuring more transparency, safety, anonymity and validity during the poll.

End-to-End verification

On the technical side, the Mixnet encryption enables an End-2-End verification of the poll. Thus the individual voter and impartial observers can monitor and verify all parts of the poll to ensure that the individual vote is anonymous, registered and counted correctly.

New user interface

The new electoral system comes with an updated user interface making it even easier to cast a vote. Further, the interface supports the use of more than one language at the same time. Currently, this is applied in Finland (Finnish and Swedish) and Ireland (English and Irish).

Open source technologies

To strengthen the transparency we of course use open source technologies and at the same time we participate in the development of the applied technologies for the benefit of the openness and quality of the election solutions.

For further information about Assembly Voting Mixnet, please contact us on phone +45 2684 6644 or email

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