Union democracy 2.0 in Skjold Football Club

At an extraordinary general meeting in Skjold Football Club, it was decided to introduce the most extensive digitalization so far of a union democracy in Denmark.

Instead of just settling with a decreasing participation in the formal union democracy, the football club has chosen to challenge ”business as usual” regarding participation in the democratic community of the club.

The purpose is to encourage more members to become active participants in the development of the club by offering the members new and more contemporary possibilities for democratic participation. The members constitute an important resource of the club and therefore they should be engaged at all levels in the union; they should contribute with ideas and the development of club activities, decide which activities to carry through and participate in the preparation and execution of the many (new) club activities.

Assembly Voting systems and experience

Assembly Voting is cooperation partner in the shaping of this project. We have made our platforms available for this exiting effort to rethink the classical Danish union democracy. We will follow the member participation closely and through analysis of usage patterns and feedback from the members adjust the solutions to contribute in the best way possible to the development of a new active democratic culture in the club.

We draw on positive experience from digitalization of tenants’ participation in the housing sector and experience with user generated co-creation and cooperation on solutions for local challenges.

A new and vibrant union democracy

We are looking forward to participating in the ambitious democracy project and see it as an important contribution to revitalisation of the democratically organized local communities. Besides digitalization of the general meeting with nomination of candidates, proposals and polling, the solution also comprises a number of community functions to support user driven activities and the community of the club. For instance there will be project groups, user driven events and a resource sharing function, where the members can place themselves at the club’s disposal or inquire for time or things from other members.

Follow the process during the coming year on the Skjold Football Club website and through updates here on this site.

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