800.000 entitled to vote in Denmark’s largest e-election

Up to 29 March 2016 citizens and companies in the Copenhagen Metropolitan Area can elect consumer representatives for HOFOR. With 800.000 eligible voters this is Denmark’s largest digital election

Prior to the election, Assembly Voting has provided a nomination module where candidates and supporters are registered and validated. Once the candidature is approved, the candidates can present themselves to the voters on the site.

At the e-election in progress, digital signature NemID and social security number (CPR) references are used for validation of the right to vote. The digital voters’ register using NemID is an integrated part of Assembly Voting’s electoral system. Thus there is no need for forwarding personal election codes to the registered voters or exchanging personal data between the electoral client and operator.

The combined NemID and CPR-reference ensures that only citizens of age and within the supply area get the possibility of voting. The solution is applicable to all elections where the residential address determines the right to vote, e.g. in the supply sector and housing sector.

For further information on consumer election within the supply sector, please contact Mikkel Svendstrup at: mikkel@aion.dk or on phone +45 2616 9638

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