Digital democracy in housing associations

A new law by the Ministry of Housing provides the legal ground for using secure digital solutions for conducting the mandatory meetings and elections in the 8000 social housing associations in Denmark

Assembly Voting has been deeply engaged in a series of Ministry approved experiments with digitalization of the law imposed housing association meetings. The results from the experiments illuminated a huge democratic potential in use of online meeting platforms and e-voting; increased number of formal proposals, more debate and co-creation as well as a significant increase in the voting percentage.

The experiments were conducted from 2013-2015 and the results were repeatedly confirmed from various housing associations meetings throughout the years of experiments.

Based on the results of the experiments the Ministry of Housing decided to change the law allowing the use of secure digital solutions to become an integrated part of the comprehensive Danish democracy in housing associations.

Assembly Voting is working with a number of customers within the sector on a rollout of our digital solutions for housing associations. This includes:

  • Meeting system for nominating candidates, proposal-making, debate and co-creation

  • Election system for documented secure voting by housing association residents

Both systems are carefully designed to meet the legal requirements, as well as to effectively be handled in the housing associations.

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