Danish export of digital election systems

Scandinavian voters in local communities and associations are increasingly practicing their democratic rights using election systems by Assembly Voting.

In Assembly Voting we have experienced a significant increase on the number of international enquiries for digital election solutions for local and association-based democracy. We now supply our digital solutions throughout Scandinavia, and is coming out in the UK and Dutch markets.

Especially in Finland Assembly Voting is strongly positioned through cooperation with Strålfors Finland. This applies both to our digital electoral systems and our candidate nomination system which are widely used in Finnish associations.

A combination of strong traditions for membership based democracy and widespread digitalization of society in general, has turned Denmark into a global front-runner in the use of electronic voting systems. This has led to an increased demand for the solutions provided by Assembly Voting who are currently receiving a growing number of international enquiries about the digital voting solutions used in local communities, associations and membership based organisations.

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