Digitalized local democracy: Increase of 47 % in digital votes

The local government of Copenhagen has for the second time held an election for the Elderly Citizen’s Council, which included the municipality’s 85.000 elderly citizens (+60 years old). They were introduced to a hybrid election solution, where the electors got to choose whether they wanted to vote by postal ballot papers or by electronic voting cards via Nem-ID (a Danish national digital signature). The overall solution is developed by Assembly Voting and contains a module for the candidates to register and present their candidacy for the electors, accompanied by an election system for the completion of the hybrid election.

At the Elderly Citizen’s Council election in 2012, 17% of the votes were registered digitally, whilst this year’s election has achieved a 47% increase with more than 25% digital votes casted in the digital voting system. This particular progress indicates a general development in the digital democratic participation. Elections across unions and municipalities in Denmark show a clear tendency towards a general digitalization of “everyday democracy” and that online participation has become an integrated part of the local and member based democracy.

Assembly Voting will be organizing Elderly Citizen’s Council elections in several municipalities in the months ahead. If you want to learn more about the experiences and the various solutions, you are more than welcome to contact us.

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