Full service solution for TryghedsGruppen

Assembly Voting has signed an agreement with TryghedsGruppen regarding a full service solution for the upcoming Board of Representatives election in Southern Denmark. The election will be held from d. 23rd of January to the 10th of February 2017.

265,000 members of TryghedsGruppen in Southern Denmark are to elect 15 candidates to represent the region in TryghedsGruppen’s Board of Representatives.

Digital signature as log in

In recent years, TryghedsGruppen has digitized an increasing part of the electoral process. This upcoming election is no exception. TryghedGruppen introduces the national Danish digital signature NemID as log in for validation of right to vote. Moreover, the national digital mail system E-Boks is used for distribution of electoral materials.

About TryghedsGruppen

TryghedsGruppen is the majority owner of the insurance company Tryg and it funds TrygFonden. We create value and peace of mind through long-term investments and philanthropic donations to benefit the public good. Read more about TryghedsGruppen.

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