4 times as many participants by digital democracy in housing associations

In collaboration with the housing organization fsb, Assembly Voting has completed Denmark's first 100% digital general meeting in the housing association Øselgården in Copenhagen.

The Ministry of Housing has granted an exemption for the trial, where residents in Øselgården have been able to state proposals, co-create proposals with other residents, and sign up as candidates for the various boards and committees in the housing association. To finalize the general meeting, the residents voted by a digital voting system provided by Assembly Voting.

The results clearly showed, that digitization of everyday democracy contains a great potential in getting more people to participate in the local democracy. More proposals, discussion and input from residents, as well as more registered candidates compared to traditional general meetings. Moreover, the voting percentage of 43% significantly is above the 8-10% that is typical for general meetings in housing associations.

The trail was based on Assembly Votings Local Democracy 2.0, which represents a is an End-2-end solution of secure and easily operated systems and procedures for handling digital general meetings in associations, unions, local societies, etc.

Assembly Voting cooperate with some of the largest housing organizations in Denmark on digitization of the local democracy in housing associations.

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