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Voting members of societies, associations, groups and clubs in UK are already practicing their democratic rights using Assembly Voting. A recently signed partnership agreement with UK Engage, one of the largest providers of electoral services in the UK, will expand our UK activities in the years ahead.

A combination of strong traditions for membership based democracy and widespread digitalization of society in general, has turned Denmark into a global front-runner in the use of electronic voting systems. This has led to an increased demand for the solutions provided by Assembly Voting, who are currently receiving a growing number of international enquiries about digital voting solutions.

”Over the last 15 years we have delivered digital electoral solutions and services to support the local and membership based democracy in Denmark. These solutions and our experience is now in international demand. Democracy is understood differently around the world and digital voting solutions always need tailoring to meet specific constitutional and cultural requirements. For the UK market we have worked with UK Engage to adapt our solutions to better suit democracy in a number of UK market sectors,” says Jacob Gyldenkærne, CEO in Assembly Voting.

As part of the agreement with UK Engage, Assembly Voting has developed a range of solutions to support electronic elections. This includes a new platform for the nomination and presentation of candidates for election, with the added functionality to support debate and utilize social media, which has been proven to encourage participation. The agreement is the first ever outside of Scandinavia and represents an ideal platform to help Assembly Voting secure additional growth on the growing global market for digital voting solutions.

”With Assembly Voting we now have access to the best available solutions on the market and have on-boarded a partner with many years of practical experience building digital voting solutions. As the UK gradually moves towards an increased use of digitalization, we can leverage the new partnership to further strengthen our position as the leading provider of electoral services in the UK”, says John Foster, Managing Director at UK Engage.

About Assembly Voting

Assembly Voting is based on the basic idea of strengthening active democratic participation in society and local communities by combining democratic processes with new technological opportunities for debate, user inclusion and secure electoral processes and systems. Established in 2001, the company was the first provider of electronic voting systems in Denmark and has grown to become the country’s largest provider responsible for carrying out more than 1000 elections held in accordance with legal regulations and articles of association in a broad range of both public and private sector organisations.

About UK Engage

UK Engage is one of the leading election service providers in the country, specialising in both postal and digital voting. Working with organisations operating in both the private and public sectors, it administers all types of democratic processes from Board, Council and Committee Elections to AGMs, referenda and surveys.

Conducting both Independent Scrutineer and Returning Officer functions, UK Engage oversees bespoke elections which are tailored to suit its clients’ specific needs. Using a combination of postal, online, telephone and SMS text channels, it provides a first-class election service suitable for membership organisations, professional bodies, social housing providers, NHS trusts and charities amongst others.


More information

Jacob Gyldenkærne, CEO, Assembly Voting +45 26846 644 jacob@aion.dk

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