Swedish Parliament party uses Assembly Voting self-service solution

The Swedish party Liberalerna, represented in Rigsdagen (The Swedish Parliament), has signed an agreement with Assembly Voting for a self-service digital democratic infrastructure. The service is implemented and Liberalerna are using the service for candidate registrations and more than 300 yearly elections among the members of the party. Liberalerna has decided to use a self-service solution where local election administrators handle every part of the candidate registrations and the election system themselves.

Liberalerna has already completed the first binding candidate registrations and elections with the system and will in the years ahead use the service for registration and validation of candidates for Liberalerna in local elections, in the elections to the Swedish Rigsdag and in elections for the EU Parliament.

The solution consists of a candidacy system, which register, validate and present the candidates for each election and a voting system to conduct the election. The two systems are integrated so that it is very easy and secure to establish an election based on the validated candidates from the candidacy system. The service provided for Liberalerna does not conflict with the possibility of using paper for registration of candidates and paper ballots in the voting process.

Liberalerna is the first Swedish party to sign up for the Assembly Voting’s self-service solution, whereas Assembly Voting services are being used in 4 Danish Parliament parties.

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