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Trust in the electoral process and in the result is imperative in a democracy, whether it is a general election, a referendum vote or an election in a small association. Therefore, a digital election must comply with the same principle requirements, as for the polling station. Trust in a democratic electoral process must not rest on uncontrollable systems and individuals.

A digital version of the physical polling station

With Assembly Voting X, we have built a digital version of the physical polling station. This means, that all parts of the electoral process, from start to finish, can be controlled by the electorates, the digital election officials and other external parties. It is, in technical terms, called an End-to-End verifiable electoral system, and it ensures that the voting system comply with all fundamental principles in a democratic election process, e.g.;

  • full transparency,

  • validation of eligibility,

  • voting secrecy,

  • anonymity,

  • integrity,

  • verification (individual and universal)

First widely accessible End-to-End verifiable election system

Until now, this type of technology has almost exclusively been used at national elections, due to high cost and a complex technical setup. Assembly Voting X is the first End-to-End verifiable electoral system, made economically and practically accessible, to the many democratic elections held in municipalities, associations and organizations. We believe that everyone deserves a fair election and we want to make End-to-End verifiable election technology available, for all types of elections, that is currently conducted by postal letters or by digital blackbox election systems.

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Assembly Voting X

Assembly Voting X is based on the same basic democratic principles, as in the physical polling stations, we are used to, in a General Election. This means, that all elements of the electoral process, from start to finish, can be monitored by election officials and external parties.

In the digital polling station, the polling booth, paper ballots and ballot box are replaced by advanced, mathematically-proven encryption technologies. Assembly Voting X hereby ensures the voting secrecy and anonymity of the voters, and the system also provides evidence, that only valid votes are included in the election result.

As in the physical polling station, confidence in the Assembly Voting X electoral process is ensured through system design, shared responsibility and verification options throughout the election process; not through uncontrollable trust in a system provider and individuals.

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