New online AGM system: Assembly Conference Voting

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Assembly Voting ApS has developed a digital solution for conducting “live” AGMs (Annual General Meetings), EGMs (Extraordinary General Meetings), SGMs (Special General Meetings) and the like. If, due to posting, quarantine or the like, you are unable to participate in the physical room, you can now exercise your democratic right electronically on an equal footing with everyone else. The solution is simple and user-friendly and comes with the same high security and documentation as our other election products.​

Long before anyone knew of Covid-19, we started working on developing the next generation of conference voting systems. Our ambition was to create a secure and contemporary system for conducting AGMs, EGMs, SGMs and the like, where we maintain the energy in "live meetings" but made it independently of the participants' physical presence.

The challenge of including participants who are otherwise barred from using their democratic right in physical assemblies has become even more present with the occurrence of Covid-19.

We are therefore pleased to present the Assembly Conference Voting. A system that equates the participants in the democratic process, without compromising the basic principles of a legitimate democratic process.

Secure and user-friendly solution

The participants receive a link to the system (typically via email), after which the participants must validate their right to participate. If approved, the participants get access to the online meeting service that automatically exposes presentations and polls initiated by the meeting chairman. The participants can use their own device to access the meeting; tablet, smartphone or computer. Assembly Conference Voting is very easy to use and does not require any special technical precondition or training for participants nor the meeting chairmen.

Assembly Conference Voting can be acquired as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution from September 8, 2020 and supports the vast majority of voting principles. The system is delivered as a self-service solution or as an assisted service including an election consultant.

More information

If you would like to hear more or have a demo of the solution presented, you can contact Assembly Voting Sales on +45 2616 9638 or write an e-mail to

You can also read more about the solution on our website:

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