The Danish National Church goes digital: Bishop Election 2.0

Opdateret: feb. 16

Assembly Voting is providing the election system for the ongoing Bishop Election in the Diocese of Helsingor. It is the second time in Danish history that a Bishop Election in the Danish National Church is held online. The last time was at the Bishop Election in Lolland-Falster Diocese in 2017 where Assembly Voting also delivered the solution for the election of a new bishop.

The election act in Helsingor Diocese was initiated on Tuesday September 22nd with an online election opening ceremony. Selected election officers approved the setup of the election and shared encryption codes via an election control-app. In that way, no one will have access to the results until the first round of the election ends on October 13th at 12pm. On this day, the election officials will go together again and decrypt the election result.

If none of the nominated candidates have gained support from more than half of the casted votes, a new round of voting will be held between those candidates who have obtained the majority of the votes in the first round. The final result will be available no later than November 18th, 2020 where the new bishop can thus be appointed.

Already, 35 percent of those eligible to vote have casted their vote electronically using NemID. It is expected that the turnout will be close to 100 in the competition for one of the highest offices within the Danish National Church.

Just like in the physical polling station – only digitally

The bishop election in Helsingor Diocese is conducted using the digital election system, Assembly Voting X, which is built as a digital version of the physical polling station. This means that the security and possibility of controlling all parts of the electoral process is equivalent to the one known from e.g. parliamentary elections in Denmark.

Read more about the election system Assembly Voting X.

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