Privacy Policy

Assembly Voting's privacy policy is the voter's guarantee of full anonymity during the voting process and that all sensitive data in connection with voter and candidate registration will not be compromised or accessed by third parties.

Assembly Voting has a series of precise requirements with respect to products and their practical handling, which apply to Aion ApS as well as to partners working on voting projects that use Assembly Voting products.

The systems, organisation and practical handling of voting products are under continuous observation and monitoring by external auditing companies.

The systems

  • Full disclosure to external auditors of system codes and solutions, to protect personal data in the voting system

  • Non-reversible system separation of voter ID and vote cast

  • Documented security in the hosting environment of the voting systems' hosting environment


  • No executive employees ion any election may have personal, family or other close ties with persons who have a direct interest in the voting result

  • Executive employees must document the compliance with regulations on handling personal data

Data processing

  • Personal data in connection with a voting process must be processed via a secure ftp-server during transfer from third parties to Assembly Voting

  • Sensitive personal data must be internally processed at Assembly Voting in secure, non-internet-linked systems by named employees

  • Data must be deleted irreversibly after the end of the period for objections and the approved voting result

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