In addition to the ongoing development and adjustment of existing products, Assembly Voting is engaged in a series of R&D projects. We cooperate with DemTech and other epistemic communities engaged in digital democratic infrastructure.

Voters' trust is our main concern

We are open to new ideas, research and partnership opportunities that use technological solutions to promote fundamental democratic principles.

Scientific research is moving fast with continuous examination of issues that challenge existing voting systems and current methods of organising ballots. Thus Assembly Voting has chosen to pursue a highly proactive research strategy and is present in the most important international research environments concerning e-voting.


We participate in scientific research of new voting systems and ways of managing voting processes through electronic voting and cooperate with some of the world's leading researchers in digital democratic infrastructure as part of the DemTech research program at the IT University of Copenhagen.

General trust in elections is a fundamental premise for maintaining our democratic social system. Whether in the form of a parliamentary election or the appointment of representatives to a local school board, an election must live up to the basic principles of a legitimate democratic process.

The gaining and strengthening of voters' trust is a matter of creating maximum transparency with respect to the design of the system as well as accountability in terms of observer access during voting. It is also important to resolve the challenges that new technologies and behaviour patterns constantly pose for digital voting systems and procedures. 

R&D issues

  • ​Authentication of the software used

  • System security with respect to internal manipulation

  • System security with respect to external manipulation

  • Secure separation of voter ID and vote cast

  • Documentation of technical execution that can be monitored by external auditors

  • Development of mobile user interfaces 


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