Assembly Voting Self Service

Makes it possible for an organisation to strengthen its local membership-based democracy.


Experience shows that a digital solution paves the way for a higher level of member participation and is easy for administrative staff to configure and use. 

What is Self Service?

Assembly Voting Self Service provides a digital infrastructure to facilitate democratic processes in organizations that wants to keep the administrative tasks of running elections in-house.


The solution enables documented safe elections including candidate presentations and the ability to run general meetings smoothly. Typical customers include organisations who conduct a high number of elections on an ongoing continuous basis. These include political parties, housing associations or professional associations among others.

Even though system administration is handled internally, Assembly Voting has designed the Self Service solution specifically to maintain voter anonymity, high availability and the ability to conduct fully valid elections. In this way, the solution offers organizations an efficient platform to hold all relevant elections.

An Assembly Voting Self Service solution is configured and tailored to meet the individual needs of a given customer:



Clarification of required election types, candidate registrations and/or specific meeting demands that the systems need to support



Systems are adjusted according to specific customer demands



 System configuration is tested in customer organization



Local administrative staff receive brief training



Hosting including continuous administrative support and system updates

Assembly Voting Self Service is delivered as a SAAS (Software as a service) solution. The solution is optimized on an ongoing basis and new functionality is added which customers are able to activate in their system configuration. 

Self Service includes

Election system, candidate system and/or meeting module

Military class hosting and server environment

24/7 Monitoring

Security and application updates provided continuously including the addition of new functionality and optimization

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