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Assembly Voting provides webinars on digital polling solutions and experiences in how to strengthen democratic participation.


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The digital polling station – An Introduction to Assembly Voting X 

The voters' trust in the election process and final voting result is imperative for the legitimacy of the election. There should be no reduction in transparency, security, anonymity and verification processes in a digital election compared to a physical polling station with election officials. Hear how this is possible.


  • What are the requirements to ensure trust in digital election processes?

  • What is an End-to-End Verifiable election?

  • What are the steps and various roles in an End-to-End verifiable election process?



Duration: 30 minutes


Assembly Voting Partner - Introduction to Assembly Voting´s partner programs

Assembly Voting offers partner programs based on our comprehensive digital democratic infrastructure to serve local markets. In this webinar you will learn about our systems, implementation of partner programs, ongoing support and general cooperation as an Assembly Voting partner.


  • Partner products and services, e.g. local hosting

  • Partner models

  • Implementation and partner support

Contact Camilla Banja on to set up a meeting



A vibrant online democracy – Experiences with democratic innovation from 4000 elections 

Get inspiration and knowledge to increase democratic participation in e.g. labour unions, associations, local communities and political parties. Seminar participants are introduced to new cases and technologies that in various ways have contributed to increase democratic participation. The seminar is an Assembly Voting "tasting menu" of the most important experiences of democratic innovation from 4,000 conducted elections with more than 25 Mio. voters in Northern Europe.


  • Should democracy be subject to marketing activities?

  • How do we get more candidates?

  • Can new democratic participation formats promote participation?



Duration: 45 minutes. 


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