Collective agreement elections in Denmark: 57,6 % turnout – 100 % digital

April 17, 2020

This year’s collective agreement elections at the private labour market is historical. A record of 57,6 % in voter turnout and the first collective agreement election with 100 % digital casted votes.  


In Denmark, a group of the country’s largest unions recently completed the negotiation of collective agreements on behalf of more than 500.000 union members. Following this, OK20 was held, a large election where union members are given the opportunity to cast their vote for or against the proposed agreement. 


For several years through the 90ties, voter turnout has been declining steadily at this particular election, but this year the positive curve from OK 17 continues, reaching a record turnout of 57,6% in OK20. This marks another impressive peak for the membership-based democracy in Danish unions.  A significant contribution to this development was due to an increased use of new ways to communicate digitally with the voters. 


Assembly Voting supported the entire process to the vast majority of unions and voters at OK20 with digital election cards and mobile election lists as well as the ability to cast votes digitally. This resulted in a remarkable record of 100% digital casted votes. 











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