Assembly Voting works with open source technology to ensure full disclosure, data security and user-friendliness for voters, candidates and election officers.

More specifically, the requirements are:


Full disclosure of system construction and the possibility for external auditors to monitor the voting process


Security in terms of the protection of personal data and anonymity during the voting process


A high level of user-friendliness in order to meet the requirement for access to democracy

Our election systems are constructed to comply with prominent international academic recommendations for online voting technologies. 

Assembly Voting X

Secure and fully documented End-to-End verifiable online voting system:


  • Open source software

  • Elliptic curve cryptography -- secp256k1 curve

  • Threshold cryptography based on ElGamal cryptosystem

  • Schnorr digital signatures

  • Discrete logarithm zero-knowledge proof

  • Furukawa mixing proof

  • SHA256 hash function

Assembly Votes

Votes is a multi-tenant system build around OSS. Traffic is secured by TLS/SSL and votes are encrypted asymmetrically based on elliptical curve encryption:

  • Open Source Software

  • Multitenant architecture

  • Authentification via digital signature or combination of up to 3 factors

  • Asymmetric encryption of votes: Elliptic Curve Encryption

  • SSL

  • Linux servers

Assembly Candidacy

This system is being developed continuously and is based on sequenced versions. The following list shows the Open Source Software that is being used in the system:

  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails

  • Bootstrap from Twitter

  • Devise

  • Carrierwave

  • RSpec, Capybara and FactoryGirl

  • ActiveAdmin


  • Ligature Symbols


Assembly Voting has server environments in several countries. The hosting environments are ISO certified in ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001. Server Setups are fully redundant.

Secure Hardware

  • 24 / 7 monitored Hosting Centre

  • Full server redundancy

  • Military Class hosting environment

  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001

Have any questions about the technologies we use?